Impaired advocates sometimes joke that people should actually consider themselves “temporarily abled.”” … "Human beings are so quick to judge other’s existences, but what is even sadder to me is that if people could just take the extra step to see how their experiences are affected similarly, they would most likely find that our repressions share the same roots." … "We epitomize many ways in which our political and social systems need to change. We are often born out of war, financial inequality, and environmental degradation.”  … “We often simply make inefficient workers, and inefficient is the antithesis of what a good worker should be.   For this reason, we are discriminated against by employers."  




So according to my Global teacher, slavery is still going on in the United States, and othe regions in the world. WHAT THE HELL I THOUGHT WE SETTLED THIS ALREADY!!!!!!!! No one should be property to anyone else! WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS AND SHOULD BE TREATED EQUALLY!!! This pisses me the FUCK off! Ugh what do you guys think?

I think your Global teacher is smart and sees beyond the illusion.  I agree with you: “WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS AND SHOULD BE TREATED EQUALLY”  Scientific innovation could make human slavery obsolete, so either way this problem will be solved; provided there are enough scientists and inventors to make this possible and no reason to slow innovation.